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  • Practice As Per Your Learning Schedule In Hindi & English

  • Select Difficulty Level Based On Your Learning Curve

  • Select Length Of Practice Tests Based On How Much Time You Have

  • Use Exam Mode For Real Exam Experience

  • Use Study Mode For Quick Learning And Revision






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Personalized Analytics & Feedback

Use Key Metrics Such As Coverage, Accuracy & Performance Score To Answer Critical Questions

  • Have You Covered & Practiced Enough Syllabus ?

  • Are You Able To Recall And Answer Correctly ?

  • Are You Ready For The Exam ?

UPSC Standard High Quality Questions

  • Answers & Explanations Referenced To Original Sources

  • All Major NCERTs Covered

  • Standard Books & Reports Such As Laxmikanth , Ramesh Singh , GC Leong , Economic Survey & ARC Reports Also Covered

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Why SprintUPSC Is The Best Test Series You Can Buy For UPSC Or IAS Prelims

SprintUPSC is much more than a fixed mock test series that you buy online/offline for UPSC Prelims.

Personalized Practice

Unlike any IAS Prelims test series you can create practice tests as per your study plan and not the other way round. This is to ensure that practicing questions becomes part of your daily habit. Also you can choose length and difficulty level of practice tests depending on how much time you have and where you are on the learning curve. If you have read the topic/chapter first time we recommend to start with easy questions and gradually move to medium & hard questions. This will ensure that you don't lose motivation. We understand that every individual is different and has different learning curve.

In-Depth Analytics

You get first of its kind in depth analytics in terms of accuracy , coverage and performance score which helps to track and improve your performance.

★ Coverage tells you how much you have practiced at topic, subject and overall level.There are more than 50 books & 250+ topics which candidates generally study for UPSC Prelims.It is impossible to keep track of what you have practiced and what you have not practiced manually. This metric keeps you on track in terms of what's covered and what not.

★ Accuracy tells you whether you are able to recall and answer correctly. Merely revising notes multiple times is of no use if you cannot recall in the exam.

★ Peformance Score tells you whether you are ready for the exam.This is based on mutliple metrics such as accuracy, coverage, time taken for answering questions, difficulty level of questions, type of questions asked in previous year papers and how you have answered similar questions in practice tests.

High Quality Questions

All the questions have been carefully curated by subject matter experts with decades of experience including past UPSC rank holders.Not only this every question has detailed answers/explanations referenced to original sources such as standard books-chapters, newspapers and government websites so that there is no ambiguity on the correctness of the same.



Personalised Tests

SprintUPSC provides practice tests that work for you. You can create real-time tests by selecting subjects and topics, or by selecting subjects, corresponding books and chapters. You can also create an entire test plan to suit your schedule.


Original High-Quality Content

SprintUPSC provides original and high-quality content developed by subject-experts. Questions are carefully curated to assess students' learning of various topics in a subject. Detailed learning and explanations are provided.


Advanced Reporting & Analytics

SprintUPSC provides advanced analytics including performance score, subject and topic-wise coverage, accuracy, difficulty-level of questions attempted, and platform-wide leader-board.


Personalised Actionable Insights

SprintUPSC provides personalised actionable insights based on analysis of metrics such as performance, coverage, accuracy and difficulty-level of questions attempted so that students can focus on their weak areas.


Rewards & Incentives

SprintUPSC platform provides rewards and incentives to students to successfully complete more tests and also refer other students to the platform. You can redeem rewards in numerous ways such as cashback or discount coupons.


Community Learning & Doubt Resolution

SprintUPSC supports community learning and doubt resolution through discussion forums for engagement and peer-to-peer learning. Our subject experts are available to answer your doubts and guide you at each step.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on the five pillars:
Prepare, Practice, Adapt, Collaborate and Gamify.


- Study as per your plan
- Don't have a study plan? Follow a study plan curated just for you


- Create real-time practice tests topic/book-chapter wise
- Practice as per your learning schedule
- Select difficulty level based on your learning curve
- Exam Mode for real exam experience
- Study Mode for quick learning and revision


- Gamify your learning experience
- Get reward points for correct answers
- Directly cash reward points to your bank account
- Create challenge tests and compete with your friends
- Get rewarded for inviting your friends


- Track your performance using our advanced analytics engine
- Make decisions based on real data and not on your gut feeling
- Get Actionable Insights to ensure you are on right track
- Make changes to your preparation strategy based on recommendations
- Know your mistakes so that you don’t repeat them


- Create study groups and invite friends
- Share notes and information
- Learn from each other
- Quickly search content shared in your groups


Take Charge of your preparation

In SprintUPSC, you can create a real-time test in two ways: by selecting subjects and corresponding topics, or by selecting subjects and corresponding books and chapters. You can also create an entire test plan as per your schedule based on subjects and topics you will be working in the coming weeks or months.


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