At SprintUPSC we master the effective method of getting an aspirant prepared for the UPSC exam. We have formulated a top-notch platform to ace the preparation of UPSC prelims. One does not have to go through multiple links and books in order to find the ultimate guide to crack the UPSC exam. All your worries about finding the right UPSC study material, best test series for upsc, and prelims preparation strategies would come to an end here. We have curated the most realistic learning schedule based on chapters and topics rather than a complete subject. The main advantages of choosing SprintUPSC over other platforms are as follows:

UPSC preparation can be expensive but here we provide you with FREE trial with access to a convenient android and iOS application to prepare on the go. Your profile would give you clear analytics of the syllabus as to what has been done and what is left.

This is a one-stop platform for unlimited practice tests based on topics, chapters and books. These tests are helpful in gauging your grip over a subject. Without the proper mock tests, you would only be studying and memorizing topics without knowing your grey areas of preparation.

You will find carefully curated question bank for over 35 books, current affairs from past one year and UPSC question papers from the past 15 years all in one place. We ensure that no time is wasted in looking for study material of all kinds.

You can prepare at your own pace either taking baby steps or a huge leap in one go. Systematic distribution of topics in a subject makes it easy to grasp and memorise.

You can analyze your preparation status as per your score in the mock tests, coverage of syllabus and accuracy of the concept. This is a great way as your score would show you the clear picture of your hold over a subject.

You will not be left alone on your journey as our state-of-the-art analytics system would guide you at each step. Recommendations for better preparation would be provided as per your performance, syllabus covered and time taken. You would be able to improve your performance in no time using our continuous guidance.

Our methodology involves dividing the preparation into fruitful steps and make the whole process anything but monotonous for you. Check out the below-mentioned step-by-step strategy to cover maximum topics in a stipulated time period.


Given that the UPSC syllabus is very vast, one needs to have a sure shot plan to cover the maximum possible topics within a short while. Due to the length of preparation, one can easily lose focus and interest. Plan your studies with us or let us plan a study schedule for you as per your convenience. Daily reminders would help you religiously follow the schedule and bring you closer to your goal of becoming an IAS officer in the first attempt itself. Remember that while preparing for the UPSC exam, quantity matters but not more than quality.


Testing what one has studied in the form of mock tests is very important to examine the knowledge as well as the speed. It helps to simulate an exam-like environment and your performance under pressure. At SprintUPSC you would be able to create your own real-time practice tests chapter-wise, book-wise and topic-wise. You can set the difficulty level of the exams and take them at any given hour or date as per your learning schedule. Check the score and revise the wrong answers before jumping onto the next topic. This method would help you meticulously grasp the topics.


Sometimes even when you think that you have covered the topics, you are not able to answer them correctly. However, here the availability of unlimited practice tests would ensure that you learn and track your performance for each topic using our advanced analytics engine. Do not assume rather adapt as per the real performance data. Recommendations and insights are provided as per your track record. You can make changes to your preparation strategy and work on your mistakes using our invaluable recommendations.


Studying online does not really mean studying alone. You can create study groups and invite fellow aspirants to create a healthy learning and competitive environment. Not only would these keep you on your toes and motivate you to put in your best, but would also enable you to share your knowledge and help each other on difficult topics. You would also be able to search the content quickly in these shared groups. Moreover, collaborating with your peers would help you gain insight into your preparation status in comparison to others.


We aim to create a fun learning and preparation experience for you where you are rewarded at each step as UPSC preparation can be very exhausting. Consider taking mock tests more like a game and invest your time in it to get rewards which can be converted into real cash. Challenges can be created where you win and earn as per your knowledge, in short, learn and earn! This would push you to prepare even better and perform well in the tests. In no time you would find yourself enjoying the process which otherwise seemed boring and tedious.

The above steps would help create, maintain and sustain a healthy, focused and competitive environment for you which is imperative for UPSC preparation. The correct approach and strategy would land your dream job to you in no time. You would be succeeding in life with flying colours!