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The Books/Topics inclusions are given below:


Books Included


NCERT Class 11

NCERT Class 9

NCERT Class 10

Laxmikanth Indian Polity

ARC Reports

Topics Included

Historical Background

Evolution and Making of the Constitution

Salient Features of the Constitution

Preamble of the Constitution

Union and its Territory


Fundamental Rights

Directive Principles of State Policy

Fundamental Duties

Amendment of the Constitution

Basic Structure of the Constitution

Parliamentary System

Federal System

Centre-State Relations

Inter-State Relations

Emergency Provisions


Vice- President

Prime Minister

Central Council of Ministers

Cabinet Committees


Parliamentary Committees and Forums

Parliamentary Group

Supreme Court

Judicial Review

Judicial Activism

Public Interest Litigation


Chief Minister

State Council of Ministers

State Legislature

High Court

Subordinate Courts

Special Status of Jammu & Kashmir

Special Provisions for Some States

Panchayati Raj


Union Territories

Scheduled and Tribal Areas

Election Commission

Union Public Service Commission

State Public Service Commission

Finance Commission

National Commission for SCs

National Commission for STs

Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities

Comptroller and Auditor General of India

Attorney General of India

Advocate General of the State

NITI Aayog

National Human Rights Commission

State Human Rights Commission

Central Information Commission

State Information Commission

Central Vigilance Commission

Central Bureau of Investigation

Lokpal and Lokayuktas

Co-operative Societies

Official Language

Public Services


Rights and Liabilities of the Government

Authoritative Text of the Constitution in Hindi Language

Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes

Political Parties


Voting Behaviour

Election Laws

Electoral Reforms

Anti-Defection Law

Pressure Groups

National Integration

Foreign Policy

Administrative Reform Commissions

National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution

Goods and Services Tax Council

National Commission for Backward Classes

National Investigation Agency

National Disaster Management Authority

Role of Regional Parties

Coalition Government


Books Included


NCERT Class 6 - The Earth : Our Habitat

NCERT Class 7 - Our Environment

NCERT Class 8 - Resources and Development


NCERT Class 10 - Contemporary India -II

NCERT Class 11- Fundamentals of Phy Geo

NCERT Class 11 - India Phy Env

NCERT Class 12 - Fundamentals of HumanGeo

NCERT Class 12 - Indian People and Economy

Goh Cheng Leong

Topics Included




Soil Geography


Distribution of Key Natural Resources Across the World

Location & Distribution of the Industries

Geographical Features and their Location

Human Geography

Environmental Geography

Economic Geography

India - Structure and Physiography

India - Drainage System

India - Climate

India - Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

India - Soils

India - Natural Hazards and Disasters

India - Resources and Agriculture

India - Industry


Books Included


NCERT Class 11 - Indian Economic Development

NCERT Class 12 - Introductory Macroeconomics

NCERT class 9

NCERT class 10

Indian Economy - Ramesh Singh

Topics Included

Basic concepts of Economy and Terminologies


Evolution of Indian Economy and Economic Reforms

Inflation and Business cycle

Agriculture and Food Market

Industry and Infrastructure

Services Sector

Indian Financial Market


Insurance in India

Security Market In India

External Sector in India

International Economic Organisation and India

Tax Structure in India

Government Budgeting

Sustainability and Climate Change: India and the World

Human Development In India

Burning Socio-Economic Issues


Books Included


NCERT Class 10

NCERT Class 9

NCERT Class 8

NCERT Class 7

NCERT Class 6

Topics Included

Physics: Mechanics and Properties of Matter

Physics: Heat

Physics: Light

Physics: Sound

Physics: Electricity and Magnetism

Physics: Modern Physics

Physics: Electronic Devices and Communication Systems

Physics: Wave Motion

Physics: Astronomy and Space Sciences

Physics: Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Chemistry: Nature and Composition of Substances

Chemistry: Atomic Structure

Chemistry: Radioactivity

Chemistry: Chemical Bonding

Chemistry: Oxidation and Reduction

Chemistry: Acids; Bases and Salts

Chemistry: Properties of Gases

Chemistry: Catalysis

Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Energetics

Chemistry: Periodic Classification of Element

Chemistry: Solutions

Chemistry: Electrolytes and Electrochemistry

Chemistry: Surface Chemistry

Chemistry: Metals and Their Compounds

Chemistry: Non-Metals and Their Compounds

Chemistry: Hydrocarbons and its Derivatives

Chemistry: Biomolecules

Chemistry: Chemistry in Every Day Life

Biology: The Study of Life

Biology: Cell- Basic Unit of Life

Biology: Classification of Plant Kingdom

Biology: Morphology and anatomy of Flowering Plants

Biology: Transport in Plants

Biology: Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Biology: Plant Growth and Development

Biology: Plant Diseases

Biology: Classification of Animal Kingdom

Biology: Animal Tissue

Biology: Transport in Animals

Biology: Animal Husbandry

Biology: Respiration : Animals; Plants and Humans

Biology: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Biology: Biocommunication

Biology: Nutrition

Biology: Excretion of Metabolic Wastes

Biology: Reproduction System and Genetics

Biology: Human Diseases and Defence Mechanism

Biology: Origin and Evolution of Life

Biology: Biodiversity and Wildlife

Biology: Biotechnology

Biology: Scientist : Their Contribution in Biology

Biology: Ecology

Biology: Micro Organism

Biology: Taxonomy of Angiosperm


Books Included


ICSE Class IX Environmental Education

ICSE Class X Environmental Education

Topics Included

Ecology and Functions of an Ecosystem

Environmental Issues and Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Pollution


Conservation Efforts : India and World

Climate Change


Environment Acts and Policies

Environmental Institutions; Organisations and Conventions



Books Included

Ancient History

Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary - First Year


Topics Included

Prehistoric period

Harappan / Indus Valley Civilization

Vedic Age


Religious Movements (600 BC - 400 BC)

Mauryan Age & Post Mauryan Age

Sangam Age

Guptas Age & Post Guptas Age


Books Included

Medieval History

Our Past II

Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary - First Year

Topics Included

Early Medieval Period - North India

Early Medieval Period - South India

The Delhi Sultanate

Vijayanagar & other Kingdoms

Religious Movements- Bhakti/Sufi Movement

Mughal Period

Maratha Confederacy

The Advent of the Europeans


Books Included

Modern History

India's Struggle for Independence - Bipin Chandra



Topics Included

Fall of Mughals

The Advent of the Europeans and British Conquest of India

India under East India Company's Rule

Indian Kingdoms

Acts/Reforms before 1857

Social - Religious Movements in 19th - 20th centuries

The Revolt of 1857 and its after effects

Moderate Phase (1885 - 1905)

Extremist Phase (1905 - 17)

The Gandhian Era (1917- 47)

Reforms/Acts/Committee 1857-1947

Governor - General Viceroys

Women movements

Tribal/Peasants/Dalit Movements

Role of Press and Publications

Post Independence



Books Included

Current Affairs

Economy Survey Volume II

Month Wise Current Affairs**

Topics Included



Geography; Environment; Disaster Management

History and Culture

Society and Social Justice

Science and Technology

International Relations


Government Schemes/Programmes