Overcoming Demotivation and Lack of Confidence While Preparing for UPSC Exam

If you end up losing yourself, then how will you ever find the correct way to reach your goals? UPSC exam tests both the academic and personal qualities of an aspirant. You need to stay strong and confident in the course of your exam and life. Here are some tips that can help you incorporate these qualities in you.

- Positive Thinking: You can deal with any hurdle if you have a positive perception of your immediate situation. You must sacrifice something to earn something else. Life principally works on the barter system. Keep in mind the beautiful future ahead once you crack the exam, instead of thinking about failures. The fear of failures can stop you but if you put your mind to something, nothing can break you.

- Analyse: Once you know what your boundaries are, you can start pushing on them for self-expansion.

- Know the Reason Behind Your Lack of Confidence: We tend to be doubtful about ourselves when we fall short in certain areas. Learn what your weak points are and instead of letting them break you down, overcome them with determination and practice.

- Reach Out When Needed: If you ever think you need to talk to someone, do it. It helps you cope with negative emotions, vent out your feelings and this in turn, refreshes and lightens your mind. A heavy mind can barely take in much; a full cup cannot be filled further, everything will simply overflow.

- Avoid Reaching Saturation Level: When your body starts reaching the condition of complete burnout, take a break. If you do so, you recover quickly and progress even faster.

- Learn to Deal With Negative Emotions: A civil servant must have strong emotional and mental grit. Life can have ups and downs, patchy roads, and uncertainties. You need to learn to live with them slowly but surely.

You can always find new ways to stay focused. Confidence, if not inherent can be gradually gained. As you cover the syllabus, take UPSC practice tests, work on your weaknesses, and learn to tackle the results and yourself better. You can always draw motivation by looking up to the ones who cleared the UPSC exam and were as human as you are. Some of them probably dealt with much worse situations than you, yet they didn’t give up. They might have stumbled upon hurdles and fell, but they gathered themselves up again. This exam will change your life and allow you to change others’ lives. This should be the greatest motivation of all; you will get to serve your nation.