How to Stay Calm in the UPSC Exam Hall?

Any examination hall is nerve-racking, especially for the ones who tend to be anxious. When it comes to the exam which is known as the ‘mother of all exams’ and labelled as one of the toughest, even the best ones can give-in to stress. Now that the UPSC Prelims 2020 is just round the corner, let’s gather some points that can help you stay calm in the examination hall and help you put in your best on the D-Day.

- Reach the Examination Centre Before Time: Instead of just being punctual and in time, make an effort to reach before time. This helps you in getting accustomed to the environment and also in getting your documents ready.

- Remember to Perceive the Exam Beyond Labels: There are a lot of monumental tags associated with the UPSC exam. However, you must perceive it as just another exam. This will help your brain think of it as an experience that it has already had before, and perceive the situation as one which is under control; this makes it much less stressful.

- Avoid Getting Anxious by Seeing the Number of Candidates : A lot of people take the exam which gives it the glamour of being the toughest and most sought after. In reality, more than half of the ones present there are not even prepared; many take the exam just for the experience. If you have prepared, you have no reason to worry about others.

- Focus on Your Paper: Avoid distracting yourself by checking how fast your peers are writing or how many extra sheets they are taking. Just be confident about yourself and give your best.

- Remember to Take Everything You Need: It is advisable to carry the required stationery in sufficient numbers, just in case one goes missing or stops working. Pack your bag in advance and remember to get all the official documents you need. Recheck if you have gotten everything once before leaving for the examination centre.

- Read the Questions Very Carefully : Once the exam starts, read through the questions very carefully. This will give you an idea about how to go about it and which sections to do first.

- Plan Your Time: Divide your time between sections. Read the paper and decide which section to do first, keep the ones you think you’re unsure about for the end. Always plan your time in a way that you have some extra at the end for a revision.

- Revise Your Paper: Before submitting your paper, carefully recheck your answers. If you have misread or left out any question, make the corrections without panicking, and then submit your paper.

- Be Positive : Your approach to the exam matters a lot. You’ve worked hard, you’ve prepared well, now, just stay calm and be positive. It will help you take the exam in a more focused way without committing silly mistakes owing to panic or negative thinking.